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The Leader in Softball League's and Tournament's in New Jersey

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Double AA Sports - Adult Softball Leagues

                              Welcome to the Home Page of Double AA Sports           
                   The Leader in Softball League's & Tournaments in New Jersey
        Last Updated on 1/16/2017


ALL 2017 League & Tournament Information is UPDATED below 
Meeting Dates will be updated next month and emailed to Captains
ANY NEW TEAMS - Please contact me to reserve your spot


Saturday October 15th - Garfield - UPDATED FALL BRACKET WITH RESULTS

ALL Double AA Sports Leagues will use this list for 2016
NEW Non-Approved ASA Bat List January 2016       

 2017 Spring League's  Start Date  Meeting Location   Meeting Date 
 Sunday Men's Slow Pitch  April 9th   Biggies in Ramsey  TBD - 7pm
 Weeknight Men's Slow Pitch  April 3rd   Biggies in Ramsey  TBD - 6:15pm
 Weeknight Co-Ed Slow Pitch  April 10th   Biggies in Ramsey  TBD - 6:30pm
 Garfield Weeknight Co-Ed Slow Pitch  April 10th   Black Jack Mulligans  TBD - 6:30pm
 Garfield Weeknight Men's Slow Pitch  April 3rd   Black Jack Mulligans  TBD - 7pm
 2017 Fall League's  Start Date  Meeting Location  Meeting Date
 Sunday Men's Slow Pitch  Aug 20th  Biggies in Ramsey
  TBD - 7pm
 Weeknight Men's Slow Pitch  Aug 14th  Black Jack Mulligans
  TBD - 7:30pm
 Weeknight Co-Ed Slow Pitch-Garfield
 Aug 21st  Black Jack Mulligans   TBD - 6pm
 2017 Winter Indoor League
 Start Date
 Meeting Location
 Meeting Date
 Sunday Night Men's Slow Pitch
 Dec 10th


 2017 Tournaments  Date  Location
 Spring Men's Slow Pitch Kickoff  April 1st  Rahway
 Spring Co-Ed Slow Pitch Kickoff
 April 15th
 Spring Men's - Super Draft  May 20th  Garfield
 Summer Men's 1-Pitch  June 3rd  Garfield
 Summer Co-Ed Slow Pitch
 July 1st
 Summer Men's Slow Pitch  Aug 5th  Mahwah
 Summer Co-Ed - Super Draft  Aug 26th
 Fall Men's - Super Draft
 Sept 16th
 Fall Men's Slow Pitch - NonPlayoff  Nov 5th  Various
 Winter Men's Slow Pitch  Nov 25th  Mahwah
 Winter Men's 1 Pitch  Dec 2nd  Mahwah

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2015 ASA New Jersey League of the Year


Double AA Sports operates under the code of fair play, good sportsmanship and providing an economical opportunity to get your team or players out there to compete and have fun playing softball.

We play Softball Games and/or Tournaments in the following NJ Counties - Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Passaic, Morris, Sussex, and Union Counties as well as Orange County NY.


Player Quotes
"Absolutely the Best League around, The Web site is GREAT, Leagues are Well Organized and Top Notch...Great Job !"

"Cheers to Tony Davino and #DoubleAASports for putting out a terrific league year in & year out."

"Yeah, still coming down from Massachusetts at 430 am on Sunday's- the league is so great that I never thought twice about skipping! "        

"Thank You for everything you do, Double AA is the BEST run league by a mile and it is nothing short of a pleasure participating in it" 

"Hey Tony, just wanted to say thanks for letting my team into your league. Even though our season didn't pan out the way we wanted it to, we all still really enjoyed it. You have a really well run, well put together program. Your website is also great. The whole experience was a real breath of fresh air after 13 years in "Another" league."                                       


Double AA Sports is the largest adult softball league in NJ, slow pitch softball leagues for Men and Co-Ed. We have several Spring Softball Leagues, Fall Softball Leagues, Co-Ed Softball Leagues and Softball Tournaments. I also sell Softball Uniforms and Softball Equipment.